The RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) Solution is a scalable, flexible, comprehensive and multi-tenant service platform that complies with GSMA security standards. It provides OTA (over-the-air) service activation capabilities for mobile operators and enterprises to manage connectivity and IoT business, this allows mobile operators and enterprises to offer multiple tariff plans from different networks to local and regional consumers on the same platform.

The RSP consists of two main components:

  • •a web-based application that enables mobile operators and enterprises to generate, host and monitor SIM card profiles and quickly roll out the best profile based on the type of connected terminal, demand service area, etc.;
  • •a back-end core that connects to multiple mobile service providers, device vendors and eSIM DP+ platforms to provide real-time activation, purchase, release and reporting services to customers and mobile consumers.

Diverse Connectivity Modes

Expand your connectivity

Having the right management platform to expedite your connectivity business is no doubt crucial.

Having the right appliance to build up and broaden your connectivity network is also essential.