Our SMSC is a carrier-class high-performance SMS Center for 2/3/4/5G networks. It is a core component of the mobile network and is responsible for managing the delivery of SMS messages across the network, ensuring timely delivery, and providing delivery receipts to the sender.

Our SMSC is a SIGTRAN-based component that allows for easy deployment in the modern mobile networks, and it supports virtualization – it is a fully scalable, software-based, cloud-ready network element, which enables simple and cost-effective deployment as well as fast and easy dynamic scaling.

  • • SMS transmission over SIGTRAN (based on SS7-MAP);
  • • SMS transmission over VoLTE (SIP with IMS);
  • • SMS transmission over NAS (Diameter with MME & HSS);
  • • Real-time Credit Control over Ro-Diameter;
  • • Integration with multi ESMEs (based on SMPP v3.4);
  • • Multi SMS service modes: P2P, P2A and A2P;
  • • Multi encodings for text SMS (GSM 7 bit, Unicode, UTF-8, UCS2);
  • • Binary / OTA SMS
  • • Built-in OA&M portal and multi-dimensional reports.